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H389 Three-Storey Shop house

Three-storey Shop house 

3-Storey Shop house
Construction Drawing for the construction of about 40 sheets of 5 sets. Use A3 paper to print with inkjet cartridges.
3D Perspective image showing 1 front view Ready to decorate the tree. Light and shadow and beautiful scenery.
3D Perspective image showing floor plan on each floor.(By number of floors)
Certified Associate Architect signed in Construction Drawing
Certified civil professional engineer signed in Construction Drawing
Structured engineering list with Certified
civil professional engineer signed in Structured engineering list
Operating fee construction permit application
Bill of Quantities
Three-storey Commercial Buildings
3-storey Commercial Building Design. It has commercial spaces on the ground floor and apartment on the second floor and third floor

3-Storey Shop house, Bill of Quantities, Three-storey Commercial Buildings

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